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We buy Amphibious ATV machines, parts machines, or extra parts. CLICK HERE!!

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Clutches: High Speed: Salsbury, Comet, CVTech IBC, Powerblock PUG ATTEX ARGO MAX AMPHICAT 302405 302424

This is just a small sample of the ATV items in which are available.

Call me for additional parts


CLUTCHES High speed NEW Salsbury, Comet, CVTech IBC, Powerblock

4 cycle engines Driven units
for better overall
performance, Please call for details as there are
installation issue to discuss

CVTech IBC High Speed 1" bore Engine Clutch SOLD OUT
Comet Salsbury 780 series 1" bore Engine Clutch
Both above clutchs along with 1 1/8 bore in stock now

We have the new style CV Tech IBC clutch in stock, ready for use on MAX, HUSTLER, ARGO and many other machines.

All of our clutchs are original units, not cheap "made in China" junk.

Photos show this CV Tech IBC clutch installed on a 25hp KOHLER


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