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MAX and ARGO Thrusters kits:


Dual drive controlled 82 thrust pound trolling motor kits, ARGO's and MAX IV's

At present time these thruster kits are discontinued


New Argos with dual driver controlled ( by dash mounted joystick) 82 pound thrust trolling motors. (for the 6 wheel drive Frontier 480 with Thrusters and rack installed)


New Joy Stick upgrade now Available. We have added new features to the Joy Stick, Now you have the power trim and tilt button on the Joy Stick with LED gauge for position of the Thrusters. Also a battery strength meter has been added and now you have cruise control of hand free operation. When the cruise button is depressed for two seconds the thrusters will run in that speed until the Joy Stick is moved. Power trim and tilt can be operated while cruise is set.
We will also have a wireless remote control Key fob that will be available by Oct 1st. 2008. Watch for new photos

Watch the movies below to see the Do Ya Dare Floaters in action!, click on image to view video clips

DUAL DRIVER THRUST MOTORS KITS ALSO At last a useful water accessory
Adapter kits available soon for Argo and Max AATV's.. 1 man operation. Total control of dual trolling motors by joystick mounted at the driver location.
See Photo set #1, Photo set #2, and Photo set #3

The Argo Avenger EFI with blind and trolling motor set up script to rear as follows
(Click images to see larger version)
2007 Argo Avenger EFI with twin 82# thrust trolling motors . Motors operate from a joy stick on the dash. Raising and lowering as the needed for totally quiet water propulsion. Zero turn radius in the water making decoy pick-up a snap as well as retrieving downed game. Blind opens with a release strap in 1/10 of a second. Now you can own a totally mobile duck blind, go where the ducks are, or use for other hunting areas as you please. Rear rack protect both trolling motors from damage,( when motors are retracted up), in almost all situations. A great opportunity for our handicapped hunters, total operation from the driver seat. . This model is currently SOLD OUT

At present time these kits are discontinued

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