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Restoration Services:

Repairs on your 6x6 or 8x8 machine, rebuilding restoration and parts.

Richard's Relics and ROUTE6x6 now offers by appointment repair, rebuilding and restoration service on any machine. MAX, ARGO or any other 6x6 or 8x8 machine!
What every repair that you need we can handle! Service backed by my the world's largest inventory of new parts for MAX, ARGO, HUSTLER, ATTEX machines.

We have a fully equiped machine shop, plasma cutting and full paint services. We can do most any repair that you may want.
We are located in Southern Indiana, just across the river from Louisville KY. Do offer fork lift service for unloading if you have a machine shipped to us.
Please call 812-944-1643 8am-6pm weekdays eastern time for information and appointment.

Transmission in house full rebuilding service also available. Quick turnaround on transmission service on Borg Warner T-20 Skid Steers. We can save you money!
We can rebuild your ARGO, SIERRA, or Borg Warner T-20 Skid Steers, as used in MAX, ATTEX, HUSTLER, SWAMP FOX, SEARS and other AATV's
Call 812-944-1643 for details, Transmissions can be ship to us by UPS or FedEx, so need to bring whole machine to us.

We also purchase outright rebuildable All Terrain Vehicles and Borg Warner T-20 Skid Steers for exchange. Call 812-944-1643 for details

MAX IV full restorationClick image for more photos. MAX 20hp HONDA Conversion
MAX IV full restoration
Click image for more photos.

MAX 20hp HONDA Conversion
Click image for more photos

ATTEX VANGUARD Conversion MAX IV full restoration
Click image for more photos
Another MAX IV full restoration
27 hp KAWASAKI engine
Click image for more photos.
Q: Just what IS "Restorations?"
A: Restoring is the process of refurbishing and revitalizing used machines by completely breaking them down and rebuilding them from the "ground up" -- basically, breathing new life into them.

Q: What is a Restored machine?
A: A restored machine is a used machine, but one which has been carefully selected for its restoration potential. Body type and composition, and engine and drive train configurations are carefully assessed for dependability, and actual restoration takes a conservative approach by emphasizing today's ever-changing reliability and performance needs. We also keep in mind maintenance and repair in the field by the owner and put finishing touches on units (when applicable and feasible) to achieve this.

Q: Which machines are Restored?
A: Each machine is unique and has its own history of use (and unfortunately, sometimes abuse!). Therefore, each unit is evaluated for its strengths and weaknesses, and then reconditioning begins based on that assessment. For instance, some body compositions are better than others. Likewise, some engines and drive trains are better than others for certain applications, especially the newer four-stroke original manufactured equipment. This is why my reconditioning focuses on late-model Attex, Hustler, Max and Argo machines. These particular brands, in my opinion, have the most potential.

Q: What does this mean for the buyer?

A: •Good quality units at affordable used vehicle prices.
•Updated, modernized machines to meet a variety of needs.
•High quality, reliable service with focus on reliability and performance details.
•Excellent personal reputation and over 20 years of experience with all-terrain vehicles.

Frame up

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Lower Unit
Finished Maxs
Ready to ship
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